As part of our commitment to our customers we will provide with recommendations on what your bike needs to hit the roads safely and securely. If you decide to repair or service your bike with us we will gladly get your bike up and running in no time. Please find some samples of service packages and repairs based on hourly rate excluding parts (unless noted). All of our services include the safekeeping of your bike up to 4 working days after the repairs are made, from then on Sfr. 3.- will be charged per day for storage.

Mini Service from Sfr. 90.-
Brakes adjustment
Gear tune-up
Lubricate drive train
Reflectors/lights check
Tire pressure check up
Head set check up
Basic service from Sfr. 150.-
Mini service
Bottom bracket check
Dérailleur hanger alignment
Cables and housings check
Wheels alignment check
Setting SAG for suspension
Maxi service from Sfr. 250.-
Basic Service
Cables and housings replaced
Dismounting and lubrification of BB
Frame alignment check
Full transmission clean up
True wheels
Full bike clean up
Sample pricing of typical repairs
Inner tube replacement Sfr. 18.-
True wheel Sfr. 40.-
Head set installation Sfr. 40.-
Grips replacement Sfr. 10.-
Handlebar replacement Sfr. 50.-
Gears tune-up Sfr. 32.-
Shifters replacement Sfr. 40.-
Hydraulic brake purge (incl. oil) Sfr. 32.-
Brake pads replacement Sfr. 24.-
In case that you have a bike rusting away in your basement, I would be very happy to give your tired bike a new life. I can strip it down, repaint or simply customise it to your needs. Please contact me for further details at 021 825 1552
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