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Founded in 1988 is a American-Canadian brand which is  all about the freedom and empowerment of the bicycle: "We're not big, nor small, we are just a group of cyclists making bicycles for people who love bikes".

Giant is the world’s leading brand of high-quality bicycles and cycling gear. Part of the Giant Group, which was founded in 1972, the brand combines craftsmanship, technology and innovative design.

Once we determine your preferred riding style (race, fitness, commuting, etc.) we will take you over to several models which will suit your needs. From there, we will get you sized and send your for test rides. Based on your feedback we will narrow the choices down to what feels most comfortable and what appeals to you best. All that is left is to get the fit just right and set you up with any accessories you need for a safe and fun rides! This typically includes: Helmet, gloves, lights, reflectors, emergency multi-tool, hydration, pump, tube and lock. We carry new bikes in stock from GIANT bikes, Kona, ABICI, Schindelhauer, Flyer, and BH Emotion.

bikespot.ch ABICI

Italian bicycle manufacturer founded in 2006. The company produces classic style bikes, handmade and tested in Italy.  Based on 1950s catalog of Italian craftmen, their aim was to recreate classic bicycles with high-tech details with vintage aesthetics.

bikespot.ch e-bike, vélo eléctrique, flyer

Swiss company founded in 2001, with the bikes manufactured in Bern. The company objective is the development, manufacture and distribution of ebikes and other innovative products relating to efficient mobility on two wheels.

bikespot.ch Schindelhauer

These beauties are manufactured in Germany. The design team has a sense of combining high-end engineering and fine design. They do not produce bikes for the mass market, as they focus on producing hand-made bikes of high-quality.

BH Jumper, Neo, bikespot.ch Neo

The range of hybrid bicycles was born from the marriage of bicycles and pedal-assist technologies. A long road where BH brought its bicycle expertise and experience to combined it with the quality of pedal assisted systems: RDS and Panasonic

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