vélos désigné pour conquérir l'espace urbain

Viktor the purist
Are you willing to take up the daily challenge on the streets of your city? Viktor won’t let you down and supports you all the way. The Gates Carbon Drive™ belt gets to the very heart of the philosophy of Fixed-Gear-Bikes: they are absolutely maintenance-free.

Sfr. 1700.-
Friedrich the commuter bike
Let it be said that whether you want to cross the city or conquer the countryside – Friedrich always stands for premium style and comfort. It comes off the shelf with super light Curana mudguards, Supernova high-end illumination and a sleek rack by lightweight-specialist Tubus. The well attuned duo Shimano Alfine 8/ Gates Center Track ensures stress-free propulsion.

Sfr. 2750.-
Ludwig VIII is the right choice to bring you to your desired destination with great value, class and a positive attitude to life. With his adjusted 8-speed system Ludwig is more than ready to take up every challenge of a bike ride. The Gates Carbon Drive™ belt combined with the 8-speed hub gear guarantees a maintenance-free and relaxing bike ride.

Sfr. 2100.-
Are you after an adorable partner to ride into the countryside? Lotte – your gorgeous better half- will be right by your side. She is the right choice to bring you to your desired destination due to the maintenance-free Gates Carbon Drive™ belt and her well adjusted 8-gear hub.

Sfr. 2100.-
Ludwig XI
Ludwig XI is true to the motto: Leave your everyday life behind - go straight into your weekend with only sport in mind! The extensive gear spread of the fully enclosed, oil bath lubricated Shimano Alfine 11-speed hub gear combined with classic components ensure an agile and smooth bike ride. An ultra-silent symbiosis is achieved by applying a low-noise belt drive by Gates together with a silent speed-hub gear.

Sfr. 2'500.-
Ludwig XIV
Ludwig XIV comes with all necessary virtues to even qualify as mountain goat, thanks to his 14-speed Rohloff Speedhub.The bike combines the maintenance-free reliability of a belt drive with the efficiency of the Rohloff gear shift. Despite being fully equipped, individuality is the key for Ludwig XIV: colour of choice, mudguards, or LightSKIN seat post – “Custom Bike” means your taste is what counts.

Sfr. 3850.-
Wilhelm XVIII
The Wilhelm XVIII lays the Pinion gearbox. with 18 evenly spaced ratios that make for a total gear range of 636% outline the current pinnacle in shifting. Every gear conveys the immediacy of a single-speed transmission while the centrally mounted gearbox creates an evened-out balance. Equipped with exclusive CNC-machined disc brakes, Brooks saddle and Gates’ Center- Track System, Ludwig XVIII can be fully customised according to customers’ requests.

Sfr. 5830.-
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